The Victoria Dam

The Victoria Dam is located across the Mahaweli ganga immediately upstream of the Victoria falls rapids at about 130 miles from the river mouth. The site is about 72 aerial miles east of Colombo. 4 miles from Teldeniya. There is a good road from Colombo to Teldeniya distance about 84 miles. The present access from […]

Adisham – Haputale

Adisham is the kind of place seekers of peace dream about. Now a religious house where tranquility lies like a blessing and the grandeur of sweeping mountain vistas takes your breath away, Adisham was originally the country seat of Sir Thomas Villiers.The spirit of Thomas Lister Villiers strongly pervades this stately house. Villiers came to […]

Kelaniya Temple

The spot on which this vihara stands derived its sanctity in the Buddhist era 2531, with the third visit of the Buddha to this country. He hallowed this ground by His visit accompanied by 500 Arahants. The fact that the Buddha visited the spot on a Wesak day on the invitation of King Maniakkhika is […]

Culture and Heritage

Discover the intricacies of a 2500 year old culture resplendent of a superior irrigation system, sculpture and art. You are welcomed into the ancient kingdoms of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Kandy to feast your eyes on the architecture of the dagobas of the ancient kings and the craftsmanship of the frescoes at Sigirya rock fortress.

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